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This morning in the kitchen at work I received a compliment form a co-worker. He said: You look great, you lost so much weight!

ok, it does feel a little bad because for a second I think: Gosh, I wonder how bad I looked before. But that thought disappears and I bask in the glory of the realization that I do look good.

He asks me: Are you eating? I had to laugh, he didn’t realize I was holding this huge piece of French bread walking over to the toaster.  Yep, I am eating, and everything I want, just not going crazy on the sweets like in the past.

I really need to thank God yet again for this body that he gave to me, a body that responds well to any little change I make in my life.

Life is beautiful, compliment or not, so many reasons to feel blessed!

What are you feeling blessed for?