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I hate to seem bitter and I hate to lose faith in mankind, but I am beginning to think that every man at some point in their lives will cheat.

I just don’t get it!  Why can’t they keep it their pants?  Do they need so much validation that they need to be charming another women?  

Often times the person they choose to betray doesn’t compare to the one they have at home.  I guess, as they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.

I never even thought of looking at another guy.  I was perfectly happy to make love to Ex the rest of my life, and I thought he felt the same way.  At least that is how I took the tears in his eyes when we made love in the beginning.  Yes, it is true, the first few times we made love he cried and I cried, because the connection was so intense. Do have a man cry for you while having sex is just beyond amazing, it made me feel even more certain that he was the one, my Prince Charming. And even now after I moved out, when we made love (and he refuse to call it sex), the way he held me tight just felt incredibly honest.

Women are fools!

At any rate, trying my best, as I tiptoe in E-harmony, to not change myself, to continue to believe that my Prince Charming is out there, to continue to believe in love and fairy tales.

Do you believe in fairy tales?  Do you have your Prince Charming or are you still looking for him?