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.I have to be honest here and say that I have a huge problem with the phrase “I love you”. It is just too overdone.

I guess because I grew up in Brazil and we just don’t go around saying “I love you” all the time and to everyone. Sure we are a loving country, happy country, but we don’t growing up we don’t get overdosed in “I love you”

In Brazil, “Eu te amo” is strong, powerful, meaningful and you don’t hear it too often, at least I never did growing up.  I know my parents and siblings love me but we didn’t go around saying it to each other.  And even now I have a hard time saying it to them because it feels forced and unnatural. 

My mother said “I love you” by cooking us great meals as well as working hard to help my father to put food on the table and a roof over our heads.  That was how love was shown.

Then all of a sudden I move in with Ex 3 years ago and there is an abundance of “I love yous”. We are saying to each other, to the kids, to the dog.  I am saying to his mother. But does anyone really mean it?

Now that Ex and I no longer live together, and now that it is clear that he is seeing other women, he still will say I love you to me. I wish he would be honest and just say “I love me”, because that part is clear. Does Ex really know what love is?

I am not saying that people should stop saying “I love you” altogether, just don’t say as if you say I am taking a walk or something mundane like that.

From now on when you say “I love you” pay attention and ask yourself if you really meant what you just said. Or you just said because you are used to, or the other person was expecting or perhaps you feel good by saying?

I want people to be more honest with their feelings, honor your feelings and only voice them if you feel like it.

At any rate I long to find “the One”, because Ex was certainly not it! And I hope in the future to be able to tell the difference from the fake from the real “I love you”

I don’t think so, I think he and many other Americans just grew up hearing and saying it, but never fully realized its meaning.

Love is strong, is precious, is meaningful. 

You say Love easily, but do you live Love? Words are cheap, easy, I want to see action.  I want to see somebody show love.  Because love means respect, love means honesty.

So please Ex, stop insulting me with your “I love yous”. I no longer care, I no longer buy it!