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Sitting here waiting for KC Mom to finish her shower so we can go for breakfast. I am at the Grand Pequot Hotel at Foxwoods Casino. We arrived yesterday and will be going home tomorrow.

We had fun yesterday and managed to have fun playing with house money. We had lunch at the Season’s Buffet. Of course I overate, but not too bad. I need to really watch myself and not get carried away eating just because the food is there staring at me.

I know it is strange to be going away with Ex’s mother and my mom, but I decided that there is no need to sever relationships. In my decision to just love I am willing to forget about a lot. It is funny because right now it is like nothing ever happened and we are back as a couple, loving, at that.

Believe me I am not thinking that we are back to normal. We are not and it will never be. I moved out as he wished. I am right now open if someone new comes along. I don’t expect Ex and I will last. Do a tiny bit of me deep inside still hopes? Yes!

Fooling myself or not I am living the moment!

Are you right now fooling yourself about something or someone?