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I just saw this Groupon offer for one week at the Biggest Loser Ranch and I came very close to booking it! They have 3 locations – Niagara Falls, Utah and Malibu, but the offer was only for 2 – Niagara Falls and Malibu.

For awhile I was already picturing myself hiking, eating meals prepared by health conscious chefs and getting massages.  I think that one week at the ranch would probably help me lose the pounds that I think I need to lose.

Since money is short these days I think that perhaps it is better to spend that money on some other vacation and lose the pounds on my own.

I think that if I really wanted I could lose those extra stubborn pounds by tweaking my eating habits a bit.

Could I really? If so, why haven’t I done that yet? Perhaps I don’t want it bad enough!!

Would I be better off spending the $1,700 (that was the offer price, which normally goes for $2,400) on some other vacation?

Would it be better to go to a skiing location and continue to improve my shaky beginning skiing skills? (which is by the way the plan this winter – improve my skiing).   Or perhaps I should relax body and mind and refresh my tan with a stay at a Caribbean island?

Perhaps if they were offering this promotion at the Utah location I would be more tempted. I have gone to Niagara Falls and to Malibu, but never to Utah.  And I could go skiing there also!

One thing is for sure: If that is what I have pondering over today, I certainly have no problems and nothing to complain about!

Life is amazing and I am blessed! and I know it!