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I was unsure what to do yesterday as far as my Pilates appointment. Do I go or do I cancel?  It was snowing and I don’t have a 4×4, I have an old sports car that is not even good in the rain.

So I called a friend to ask his opinion and he didn’t answer so I took that as a sign that I should go.  I knew that had I spoken to him he would tell me to stay at home.

I went to a town 20 miles away and had my 1 hour Pilates session.  It felt good having my session but really it was terribly stupid and dangerous to venture out on a night like that.  Driving back it was not fun, in fact it was scary! I saw many accidents and at one point had to gingerly navigate between car crashes on both side of the parkway as my car kept slipping and sliding.  I never held the stirring so tight as I did last night.

I have learned my lesson! I am never doing that again!  No more driving on snowy days!  I am thankful I got home safe with no incidents or accidents.

Why do smart people make such dumb choices some times?



One of my favorites ex-co-workers stopped by today as a surprise! It was the highlight of my day.  This guy is so much fun.  We used to dance and sing and joke and I truly miss him.  He has such a genuine good heart and great character.

Some people brighten your day just by showing up! 🙂