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It has been one week since I came back from Brazil and I am already itching to get back on a plane/road somewhere or at least to make plans to.  I was in the Finger Lakes region in January, Colorado in February, Brazil in April, I am ready to plan my next trip, even if it is for a one day getaway on a neighboring town.

I find that one of the best parts of going away is coming back. I always come back tired, but renewed and reenergized, full of ideas and goals.  This time back from Brazil it is no different.  I am full of energy, even if my hip is not willing to go along with the physical aspect of it.  It is exciting to think that there is so much I can do and accomplish it is all a matter of taking the first step and then continuing taking steps.

Mom is in town so I have been spoiled with home cooked meals, I have been over indulging in shopping and casino trips.  When my patience wears thin I remind myself that she is 78 yrs old.  Our major point of contention is the fact that she doesn’t stop. She is either cooking, cleaning, or painting and doing crafts. Right at this moment she is painting me a painting of Brazilian favelas (I will make sure to post the final product) after having done laundry, gone shopping and then she will make dinner and dessert. I guess there are worst things in the world than a mother that doesn’t stop, but the point of her visit here is for her to rest and she is not doing any of that!A bit

My hip has gone from bad to worst.  I am looking forward to seeing a Sports Medicine Orthopedic surgeon on Thursday.  I am hoping he will have answers for me or at least start on the way to answers.

I decided not to date while Mom is here and dedicate my non-working time to her.  It is amazing to me how some men that I didn’t even meet yet already have a problem with my lack of time in this period.  I guess that is a good weeding measure for me.  The right man will understand my limited time with my mom and wait.  With that being said I am having a lunch date today, since I am meeting during the day and not dipping into Mom’s time.  It so happens that a guy I met on e-harmony has an office 3 blocks from my office – what are the odds, right?

I am supposed to pick the place for lunch and now we have hit on one of my flaws (I hardly have any- lol).  I am incapable of making a decision when faced with too many choices on trivial matters.  The more trivial the subject the worst it is.  When facing important decisions I am quick and determined, but with stupid stuff such as a place to eat lunch I freeze. Gosh, it is only lunch! Am I worried what my choice will say about me? Am I afraid of picking an awful place?  I don’t know what it is, but with certain choices such as this I rather somebody else does it.

With important matters and facing problems I leap to action while little, unimportant things have me baffled  and worrying.  I wonder what does it say about me.