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I guess if I have to ask the answer is yes.

I have this good friend that likes to ask my thoughts on various issues, specially relationship issues.  He welcomes my opinions and says that my advices are very beneficial.  On my end I am happy to always try to motivate him and have him focusing him on on positive things.

On Sunday night he initiated a series of texts regarding a couple of issues that he was having.   I did what I think I do best, I had him let go of the victim mentally and focus on all the good in his life.  At the end he asked me how I was doing: I said I was ok and mentioned that I was going to bed soon because I had to get up extra early to get 2 MRIs done.  I was a little surprised that he didn’t say anything else, not “why are you getting those done” or “good luck”.  I figured he was just letting me get to bed without interruptions.

The next day after I am back at the office after getting the test done, he replies to my text from the night before with just “ok” and then proceeds to send me 4 other texts continuing his conversation from the night before.

I know I can be an extra sensitive person, but in this case, I think I am rightfully mystified that he would go on and on about himself without not even a slight polite reference to me and what I am going through.

I think it is just plain rude and clueless.

So I just didn’t reply.  I think that silence sometimes speaks volumes!  Plus it is best that I do not say anything in anger.

But of course, I don’t hold a grudge and I will still be there for him.  This also is a good reminder for me to watch myself and see if I am not doing the same.  It should not be all about me, or you, it should be about us.   It is a give and take, with the strongest perhaps having more to give.