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I got the Liebster Award!!!

My second award! I am getting addicted to this, I mean used to this!( I do have an addictive personality)

I don’t want to seem dumb, but, who is Liebster or what is a Liebster? Was it a typo? perhaps it is Lobster?

As far as I understand, this one is awarded to new blogs that have under 200 followers. ok, I qualify on both counts. Perhaps Liebster is the “keep going, don’t give up” award!

Whatever it means, I feel special getting it! Getting any award is fun!!! Well getting anything is fun, some times even getting a cold can be fun (you know, staying home from work, in bed, watching tv, mom making chicken soup).
Thank you http://boomiebol.wordpress.com/ for thinking of me!

This should be an easy award to accept and pass it forward, but of course not that easy to this newbie.  And here is where my WordPress blog ignorance will really shine: How do I know how many followers a blog has?

So I am going to figure that and then return and update this post.

In the meantime if anyone can give me the answer and save me some time, I will be forever grateful.