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November 4th 2011 I made a decision that surprised all that know me well.  I decided to stop eating chocolate for 1 year. Everyone thought I was going crazy.  Well, really, they thought that I couldn’t do it.

I was addicted to chocolate! I specially enjoyed cakes, brownies, ice cream, candy bars, actually anything, except Hershey’s.  (I never liked Hershey’s chocolate, but other than that I liked any other brand.)

I used to eat chocolate every single day of my life. My house, my office, my car, my purse, I had chocolate everywhere for when the mood struck.  And it struck often, several times a day.

I cannot tell you why I decided to quit chocolate.  I don’t know the answer.  It was unplanned. If I were planning it I would have started on a Monday not on a Friday! But now, in hindsight, I realized that if were still eating chocolate I would be 300 pounds by now because I would have drowned my sorrows in chocolate.

November 4th was around the time that I became aware that my life was about to change, that life as “we” was over.  I still didn’t want to face it.  I was still thinking that it could still work.  How could it not? It had to work! I had so much love, my love was enough for the both of us. Doesn’t love conquer all?

It takes 2 to tango and it takes 2 to want to stay in a committed relationship! That is it! It is that simple!

I guess quitting chocolate was my way of exercising some sort of control over my life.    My relationship was out of control and the more I try to hold on to it, the more it spiraled and unraveled.

It has been mostly easy, ok, ok the days that we have Crumbs cupcake in the office, which is around once or twice a month are specially hard, but other than that I am surprised at how well I am handling it.

To me it shows how strong I am.  It reinforces to me the idea that I can do whatever I put my mind to! (me and the rest of the planet)

Now that I conquered chocolate I have a few more food items to conquer, such as sugar and bread, but I really need to think about those.  Bread: I go to bed dreaming about my bread and butter for breakfast.  Sugar: why do you think I am doing so well without chocolate?

The real question is: What am I going to do when November 4th 2012 arrives?  a)Will I just go nuts on chocolate?, b)Will I eat it in moderation or c)Will I decide to just quit it forever?

Stay tuned…