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I took a nap today! Yes, me!! The one that thinks that sleeping is wasting time.

I am forcing myself to some times do nothing! I have so many plan and ideas and I want to do them all now! But reality is, often times, I am busy, busy, busy with 300 different things and in the end I accomplish nothing.

I do lack focus, just one of the many things that I am trying to work on.

Just a quiet Sunday. Breakfast with the paper. Oh and speaking of the newspaper: Last weekend I was reading the Real Estate Section and saw the question and answer section, so I decide to e-mail the NY Times to ask them to answer a question that I have been pondering over for the last few months.

They say they cannot reply to your e-mail and will answer the question only in the paper. I wasn’t sure when and even if that they would answer.  So you can imagine my shock when I opened the paper yesterday and there is my question and the answer! I am so truly impressed! Thank you NY Times!!

Anyway, continuing with my Sunday, after breakfast I had my Pilates session, which I can’t stop raving about it.  Then ran some errands, then decided to go the park to get a beach and park pass.  That is where that picture above is from.

Got home without the pass because didn’t realize that they need 2 proofs of residency.  Oh well, but it was good just going there and getting the fresh air.

I worked a little bit on my mosaic project. Read a couple of chapters on a couple of books, took a nap.

There was something so luxurious and calming about it.  The idea that the world is going at many miles an hour and I decided to stop and do absolutely nothing just felt incredible!

I recommend it!!