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As I have mentioned in my other blog post today (http://listuniverse.wordpress.com/) , we have started receiving some unwanted guests in our offices: mice.

My boss and fellow partner in this business has been floating the idea of a cat.  Which I thought he was joking, after all, how can we keep a cat in the office? Who is going to clean the cat litter? Who is taking it home on weekends?

And I guess having caught another one in a trap really got him going on his idea. So I guess he decided to take action.

He walked into my office and said: “I was looking for a cat to come in every day but I couldn’t find one.”

I am like, humm, ok, who is going to take care of this cat if you find it anyway?

Ignoring my question, he continues:

“I found a python!’

What? You want to bring a snake to get rid of the mice?  If that is the case than you will be successful in getting rid of me, or I will be forever working from home.

And I kept going pointing it out how I would not share space with a snake in a million years.

In seeing the state of hysterics I was in, he said:

“ok, ok, relax.  I am not doing anything yet.  I am checking with you first.  I would never bring one in without checking with you first. Don’t worry I am not getting one.”

Now, please forgive me if you are a snake lover, but fear of snakes is at the top of my lists of fears!

So in this case, if I have to choose between a snake or mice, please send in the mice!!!

Which one would you choose?