So Ex’s mother is leaving tomorrow.  I didn’t feel comfortable calling her – not even sure why, as I just saw her on Saturday and had a great time together, so I just e-mailed wishing her a safe trip.

When she arrived here 3 weeks ago, she was under the impression that all was fine that Ex and I were still together even though I had moved.  She was under that impression because he said that to her.

I have no idea why he would mislead her this way. But one day 2 weeks ago I made to sure to let her know some of what went on.

I don’t expect her to believe everything I said.  I know how most mothers are with their sons.  My mother is the same way with my brother.  They put them in a pedestal and refuse to believe anything else.

But anyway, it just pains me to have the relationship I had with her change.  I love her and treated her the same as I treat my mother – with respect and kindness.  When she arrived she was talking about my spending a weekend in June with her for a girl’s weekend. She hasn’t said anything now.  I also didn’t bring it up.

Ex is bound to be introducing her to a new girlfriend – if he didn’t already do so. So,I think it is unfair of me to try to still be in her life.  Nothing has changed as far as my love for her, but as I am learning, sometimes you have to learn to love from afar.

I guess this is a great chance for learning. Learn to detach from things and people.