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So this morning my friend from yesterday’s post reached out, he wrote:

I am sorry for yesterday

I replied:

You should be

then he said:

“I think I hit rock bottom in my life and was looking to get attention

not an excuse

just letting you know

I will leave you alone”

And with that he logs off of aol instant messenger.

So I really hope that he really means when he say that he will leave me alone. At any rate even if he doesn’t and tries talking to me again I am not interested in this one sided friendships.

I think that I should have been allowed to say what I wanted not being hanged up on.

Who needs “friends” such as this.


I think I need to embark on new project. A new “Make New Friends Project”.

There should be a website to match friends, similar to matching soul mates such as Match and e-Harmony, but with the only intention of meeting new friends.

Perhaps I am on to something here …

    I will leave you alone