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So I have this married ex-client that sends me instant messages throughout the day.  He made me believe (perhaps I am) that I am somewhat inspirational to him with all my positive thinking and talking. And I enjoyed this motivational role, because the truth whatever I tell him is exactly what I need to hear.

4 years ago we used to communicate, via instant messaging, before (4 years or more ago) our conversations got a little racy. My rationale was: I am single and not doing anything wrong, and this is just words.  And it was, never met this person in person.

Now I am single again and still don’t think I would be doing anything wrong, but as I age and mature I have started to ask why more often.  So why would I choose to embark in that kind of conversation with him? I cannot see any good coming out of it.

What is the point? I know I have a fertile imagination and know the right words to say to a man, but what will be my reward?  Or better yet, will I feel proud of myself.  NO, a big resounding no!

Which brings me to right now.  He just sent me a question, which he prefaced by writing: hey a quick “over the line question”    and preceded to ask the question. (which is: do I know what a rabbit is and do I own one)

Well, it has been 10 minutes since he asked and I am proud to say that impulsive me hasn’t replied yet.

I am considering my reply options:

Do I just block him from future contact?

Do I tell him that I am not going there? Which by the day I have done many times before, and that he seems to forget.

Do I ignore it completely and only reply if he comes up with other type of conversation?

Here is what I ended up saying:

not going there and I have told you before”

Oh my Gosh, he is slow, here is his reply:

“I know you have a toy was asking specifically about the rabbit”

I guess I didn’t make myself clear on what I told him before (that I don’t want that kind of talk).  Who knows what I have told him 4 years ago.  I guess there is not a lot happening in his life that he still remembers those conversations.

So I said:

I have told you before that I am not going to have those conversations!!!!!!!

His reply:

OK OK relax…..it was not meant as a bad thing don’t take it that way

 My reply:

I am sorry, I guess it is not a good day for me to relax. I said I am not going there and you keep going there, so perhaps is best not to talk.

After 1 hour he replied:

    Im sorry you feel that way
have a good day

And with that he logged off.

And that is that. When you think you have a friend that is able to look beyond male and female sexual tensions and focus on the relationship and the healthy exchange of words, you get a wakeup call reminding you that most (notice I didn’t say all) men just have one thing in their minds.

Good riddance!  I don’t need to think I have a friend when all I have is a guy that is trying to get into my pants or at least into my erotic mind.


I am not a prude, but I decided long ago not to play with anything that is not mine. I wouldn’t want anyone having spicy conversations with my boyfriend (if I had one)