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Unfortunately right now nothing is happening.

the “Friends of the Library” hasn’t called, despite the fact that I was told that the lady in charge desperately needs help.

The Medical Center needs me to get tested, but it is a 2 day process, and I feel that I already have taken 2 days off. One for the interview with the Volunteer Coordinator and the other to go get a physical. I wish they would work with me a little better.

So right now I am take a breath and rethinking everything.  I still want to volunteer, and I am still looking for opportunities, but I am not in the great hurry I was before. I am impulsive and tend not to think things through, so I am  trying to be less impulsive here.

The Medical Center said they really need volunteer like me during the week days, which for me doesn’t work, so she would have me helping out with the seniors living at the resident center on Wednesday because they can always use extra hands there.  But it didn’t sound like they really needed anyone.  Yes it was kind of disappointing.

Do you know of any volunteer opportunities for someone that works full time and can spare several hours in the evening and weekends?