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“I can hardly wait for tomorrow, it means a new life for me each and every day.” ― Stanley Kunitz

This month I am doing some work around my apartment.  I live in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment measuring a little over 1,000 square feet.

It started with decided to replace some windows and now I keep adding to the list of things to do/buy.

I wish I had taken some “before” pictures so that later I could proudly show the “after”.  The before was not so bad.  The last time my apartment was painted was in the beginning of 2015. The paint is still good but since I am changing the carpeting and windows in some rooms I decided to do the painting also.

I have ordered new windows for my sister’s bedroom and the living room.  The current windows look great but they are drafty and don’t close correctly.  The one in my bedroom is the one that works the best and also the one that would be the most expensive since it is rounded at the top and it has to be custom ordered.  For those reasons I am leaving that one alone for now.

While I am waiting for the windows to be ready to install I am getting the painting done.  After the painting is done then the carpet will be replaced in the bedrooms.  I would love to have hardwood floors in the bedrooms but carpet it is less noisy on my neighbor downstairs and it is cozier in the winter.

My sister’s bedroom is a very pale yellow now with dirty beige carpet that doesn’t clean no matter how many times it gets watched.  It will now be a light gray/blue walls with gray carpeting.

My sister’s bathroom will remain dark blue with a fresh coat of painting.

My bedroom has sage walls with light beige carpeting.  It will be white walls with new beige carpeting.  I normally don’t care for white walls but I will bring color and personality with all the paintings I have.  The worst that can happen is that I hate the white and have it repainted another color.

My bathroom will be repainted the same colors it has currently. It will continue to be a light mustardy/yellow color with a small accent area of brick color.

The living room has chair rail, the bottom part is the color of brick and the top is a very light cream color.  It will now be blood red on the bottom and white on top.  I just adore red on the wall but haven’t been able to replicate the blood red color I had in an apartment once.  I am trying again.

The kitchen is very light beige/cream and it will be the same color.  It will just get a fresh color of paint.

My TV and microwave both died.  I replaced the TV a month ago and I just ordered a new microwave. I don’t use that much but it is mounted about the stove so I want to make sure I have all appliances working properly.

I will be replacing my 2 chairs round table with a 4 chair s square table.  I have that in my storage area, so if I don’t like I am just going to return it there or give it away. Even though the round table is much nicer, I miss the seating for 4 when I have people over.

I am also thinking about ordering a couple of bookcases to put on each side of the TV.

All the paintings currently on the wall will all change locations or be replaced with other ones I have.  My mother paints, so I have a lot of her paintings.

My apartment will continue to be a crazy mixture of styles and stuff.   I am okay with that because I am a crazy mixture myself.

The only problem at the moment is trying to relax.  I am results driven.  I don’t have patient for the journey and the details.  I can’t deal with too many options.  I find myself just wanting the painter to choose the colors and the carpet guy to decide on the carpet type.

Give me important decisions and I am able to decide right away, but present me with multiple wall colors and types of carpeting and I go crazy.  When given more than 2 options I freeze.

The painting started today and I am already thinking about cutting the painting short. I just want order.

I am repeating to myself: Enjoy the process!

The painter just sent me a picture of my sister’s bedroom wall.