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“The only way to have a friend is to be one.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

I should be happy that my friend asked me to be in her Bridal Party.  I am in fact  honored, but it is all such a hassle.  I was never one of those girls into these types of celebrations.  To me going to baby showers and bridal showers are a chore that I’d rather pass on.

I am guessing a contributing factor for my dislike for things bridal and baby is that I never yearned to have one of those for my own.  I grew up saying that I would never get married and that I would adopt if I ever wanted any kids.

All of a sudden I wake up and the missing ring on my finger and the missing baby in my arms is weighing heavily on me.  What, is it too late to change my mind? Why am I not allowed to change my mind?  Where did time go? What do I do now? Do I call life unfair?  Do I blame myself? Is this a life sentence? Do I marry the first willing guy?  What about the baby?

I try not to dwell on what could have been.  But I am only human and some times there is this little voice inside me that wishes things could have been different.  I relish myself on living a full life independent of what is or is not missing in it.  Lately my mantra has been:  “If you don’t have everything you love, love everything you have!”

I just surprised myself now,  this post was supposed to be about my awful experience shopping for a bridesmaid dress and the problems encountered:

1) too many choices.  the bride wanted to be nice and is allowing all the bridesmaids choose different dress styles, as long as it is Champagne and long.  This is a problem for indecisive me.

2) the worst salesperson ever.  Had me trying dresses that were not available in the color I needed, and twice I had to hunt her down on the sales floor only to find her staring lost in space.

3) lack of good choices. It seems that 99% of the styles are strapless and if somebody has been blessed in the breast department as I have it is just not flattering.  Yes folks, besides being blessed with the metaphorical star on my forehead I have been real blessed in the breast department!

4) crazy prices.  How can I in sane conscience pay over $200.00 (and that is choosing the cheapest dress plus alterations)  for a dress that I will never wear again.

It seems more of a hassle and waste of money.  I spent the entire Saturday hunting for a dress.  I went to so many stores and came back home empty handed. 

If it was only the dress, it wouldn’t be so bad, but when you add shoes, hair, nails,  make up, hotel, car rental, this can be as much as a nice skiing vacation.  Oh and not to mention the gift, that I still have no idea what that will be.  Any ideas?

By the way the only other wedding that I was a bridesmaid, they got divorced a year later.  Just saying…

oh gosh, I am sounding like a bitter old maid! I am making it all about me while the whole point is my friend and her celebration. It is not all about me and what is good for me.  Sometimes you do stuff you don’t care for, you spend money you don’t have, you wear what you don’t like, all because you love someone and their happiness is important to you.  This friend is important to me!  Therefore I am putting on a happy face and I am going to be the best, most helpful bridesmaid ever!

So, I will save this longing for a baby for the next post!