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Yesterday, against what my body was asking for I went to a Yoga class followed by a Zumba class.

I am all for listening to my body, but lately all it has been asking for is sweets and tv so sometimes I have to put my food down. I figure exercise will help release some toxins and if nothing else will make me forget about the itching for a couple of hours.


I am happy I went. The itching didn’t get better but my mood improved!


This morning I gave in and went to a doctor. I didn’t go to my regular doctor. I went to Docs, a walk-in place right next to my office. I had been there before and had a good experience, but this morning I had the absolute worst doctor. He kept me waiting forever, paid half attention to what I was saying, would walk in and out of the examining room for long periods of time. I was getting so frustrated and being PMS time everything was taking an extra dimension. I had to stop breath and talk myself out of making a scene.

So finally they drew some blood and gave me a prescription for steroids and now I am back at work.

If you ever had hives, you know that the darn thing travels throughout your body. It has been mostly on my stomach, breasts and thighs, but today it decided to concentrate on my arms and upper back! Lord have mercy!!! I feel like screaming!!!

So tonight I am skipping Pilates. But it is for a very good cause. I am getting my hair and nails done! I love being a girl!!