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I realize that having to write something every day will have me writing about day to day mundane stuff.   That is a little tough for me, to feel that I am writing about nothing.  I guess I will become the Seinfeld of the blogging world – haha.  A blog about nothing!

So you can look forward to a post about socks disappearing in the washer and my not being able to find my car in a parking lot!

So here is today’s nothingness:

I had a piece of delicious pound cake with butter for breakfast – yes I know better!  I know that I need to stay away from cake and all its carb relatives, but thinking about it makes me crave carbs more!

I am still itching like crazy.  Today I didn’t take Benadryl as it didn’t really help yesterday and it was making me so drowsy that is impossible to concentrate on any work.

So, the plan is, if it doesn’t get better by tomorrow morning I will be walking to the Docs located in the building next door. At least their location is convenient!

I need to get better by Thursday as I have this great night to look forward to!  I am going to see the Counting Crows at the Roseland Ballroom and then will stay at this great hotel complete with a rooftop bar.  Everything promises to be an amazing evening, so I better not be itching or it will put a big damper on the night.

Until tomorrow …