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You are a wanted man!

How does it feel?

Is this just a flash in the pan?

Or is it real?


Your arrival was sudden

No announcement

No fanfare

You became a “what if”

Are you feeling what I am feeling?


You take a chance and make the first move

I take it from there and lead you straight into my all

I think you didn’t expect, yet you welcomed


You are a wanted man!

I want you and I am not shy

Take it easy, use you head

Those will be the warnings that we will hear


Do we dare to go ahead and defy all odds?

Or do we step back and use reason?


I want to have yesterday all over again

I want to have yesterday every day

You tongue, your fingers, your words

your body knew how to dance to my music


You are a wanted man

Not only in my dreams but in my bed


But remember I am a tall order

I want it all

I want soft and firm all in the right places

At all the right times

I want my knees to go weak and you to keep me from falling


I want simple and complicated

I want easy and difficult

I want tender and aggressive

I want you to decipher me


I want to be your challenge, your adventure, your passion, your nectar in the morning, noon and night


I want an honest touch from an honest man

I now know you exist, I didn’t just dream you up

I felt you pulsating, I felt your firmness


I wondered if you would be here in the morning

Signs of you are still here

The moist, the throbbing, it is all you

The wanting is still here


I want simple as a walk in the park

Yet you don’t walk you run

And your park is 3,000 miles away …