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I would say that my first e-Harmony date went pretty well.  Everything close to perfect. It would have been perfect if I had liked him in a romantic way.

There was no chemistry.  At least on my part. Him?  I can safely say he was smitten and wants to pursue a relationship.

Let me give you a summary of the date.  We met in the lobby of his hotel (he is from another state). From there we took a cab to the Hurricane Club http://thehurricaneclub.com/

The place was a little louder and larger than I would have liked for a first date, but we started talking and enjoying ourselves that we just forget the loudness and largeness of the place.

The food was great. I specially enjoyed the Double-Crispy Beef.  The meat is so tender it melts in your mouth. Of course I had to have dessert and even though I am not eating chocolate for now, I managed to enjoy some of the Samoan (angel food cake, coconut and caramel). Coconut is my second favorite thing in the world.

Now, ladies and gents, I have a question.  Is it okay to take home the leftovers when you are on a date?  I hate to waste, specially food, so there was no way I was going to leave that beef behind.


From there he wanted to go to a roof top bar.  One would think that because I have been working in Manhattan for the past 12 years I would have a good idea of where to go – I didn’t! I managed to get lost while trying to find this one bar that I used to go to years ago.  We ended up near the Empire State and he suggested we go up.

Perhaps kind of lame, but it was great!

Even though they were announcing zero visibility we could see plenty. We stopped awhile at the 86th floor observatory and from there we went all the way to 102.

There were no lines, barely anyone was going up since they said you couldn’t see anything. I think that employees just wanted to leave early or something, you could see everything. The pictures don’t do justice to the view.

After that we took a pedicab to Times Square, and then walked to Grand Central, where we said good bye and I took my train home.

He was a true gentleman, evertyhing was perfect, the conversation flowed, we have the same values and habits, but I couldn’t see myself kissing him. And that to me is a deal breaker. If I can see myself kissing this person there is no way this can go any further.

What is your test to see if a second date is warranted? Does chemistry can suddenly materialize? I don’t think so, I think is either there or not there.

He has e-mailed and I replied saying I want to be just friends. He replied again and ignored that and when on to ask me how I want to be treated.

I am glad I got the first date out of the way. It was fun playing tourist and doing things I never done before (Empire State at night and pedicab ride). I was lucky that it went so well.  It got my spirits and hopes revived.