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I have received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!!

Thank you Paula http://paulaacton.wordpress.com for thinking of me with this award! She is a talented writer and mother.   She writes short stories, poetry and family.  I also enjoy her book reviews.  Please go check her out!

Here are the rules to this award:

Thank and link to the person who nominated you

Tell people 7 things about yourself

Nominate 7 people for the award with links to their pages for the for the Very Inspiring blogger award .

Here we go, 7 things about me:

1) I have an identical twin sister that I adore!

2) My first language is Portuguese. I was born in Brazil and travel there twice a year to see my family.

3) I love dogs, but don’t have any. I miss terribly the dog that I had with Ex. I don’t miss Ex anymore, I miss C., the dog.

4) I am not afraid of dying. I am afraid of getting old and losing my independence.

5) I choose to be happy on a daily basis. I am an optimist and feel blessed to be here.

6) My car is 25 years old. I hate driving and the best guy for me will enjoy driving me around.

7) Aries is my sun sign.  I am a horse in the Chinese horoscope. I am independent, born to be a leader, impulsive and stubborn.

I am choosing to nominate the blogs that have been my first followers and commentators.  Their support have inspired me to keep going.  They are all fun blogs that range from daily observations of life to poetry and everything else in between.  Please check them out!

1) Moments Matters. http://momentmatters.wordpress.com/

2) An etiquette guide for sluts. http://livinginfairyland.wordpress.com/

3) Ella Dee. http://elladeewords.wordpress.com.

4) Musings of the Amusing Muse. http://musingsoftheamusingmuse.com/

5) Larry Lootsteen. http://larrylootsteen.wordpress.com/

6) Jnana Hodson. http://jnanahodson.net

7) Denise. http://veggiewitch.wordpress.com/

Congratulations to the nominees. Let us all continue inspiring one another!