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“Where there is faith, fear cannot exist.” ― Radhanath Swami

Yesterday I came across the video below and it hit me like a slap on the face.  A good well deserved slap on the face. 

It seems that I had forgotten how to look, seek and focus on the positive and bright side of relationships, events and people. How disappointed I was to to realize that. I proudly represent myself as the most positive and optimistic person around and yet I was  only focusing on the negative actions of certain people. I was focusing on the flaws.

I have been struggling with certain business and financial issues, mostly due to people not following through on their obligations.  Waiting on people and being disappointed by them put me in a negative frame of mind.  While I don’t need to give them a free pass, I don’t have to let it affect my mood, my life.

Every time this situation comes to mind, which has been 100% of the time lately, I would focus my thinking on the people’s negative qualities and actions, or more aptly at their lack of follow through.

“If we understand the underlying cause of what we think of as bad in someone, instead of being hateful, we will be compassionate. For is not every soul inherently good? A saintly person will hate the disease but love the diseased.”― Radhanath Swami

At this point I cannot change the situation.  I have to wait and hope that people will act as they should, and yet I would catch myself getting angrier and angrier over the situation.  That anger set the tone for my entire day.  I was short with my sister and my boss.  I was just not a great person to deal with.

I watched this video and my thinking shifted.  I realized I was being a fly.  I decided to become a bee and refocus my energy on the positive.  Even though these people are not doing right by me at the moment, they have positive qualities also, even if I have to dig deep to find it. Every time this situation comes to mind I find something positive about the person and focus on that.

Shifting my thinking has not changed the circumstances and situation, but it changed me. It changed my day. There are still plenty of great things going on in my life.  There are still so many blessings that I was ignoring. Any time spent focusing on the negative is a waste of precious time.

This short video also helps us to be aware that we may be too hard on ourselves and only focus on what we consider our flaws and weaknesses.  Lets be more like the bee and seek and focus on the positive, the bright, the sweet.  

I wish you a sweet, safe and blessed day! ♥♥