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Racism is no laughing matter but I believe Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves had the last laugh when facing a racist situation.

Dani plays for Barcelona and was playing in Spain against the Villareal. As he was about to kick a corner someone threw a banana at him.  He got it  from the ground, peeled and took a bite out of it.  This spontaneous gesture united soccer fans and players around the globe in support.

They all have been posting pictures with bananas with the tag #somostodosmacacos (#weareallmonkeys)

Here is the video:

I think he showed class and humor, two things very important at times of conflict.  Some are not happy that he acted so nonchalantly, but I think his response was brilliant.  First, he didn’t waste food and bananas are very healthy (later at a press conference he said his Dad always told him to eat bananas to prevent leg cramps 🙂 ).  Second, he didn’t allow the banana thrower to accomplish his objective which was to anger and hurt (emotionally) him.  Barcelona was losing the game at that point 1-2, and went on to win 3-2.

The Villareal found the fan that threw the banana and banned him for life from the stadium.

It is sad to realize that at this day and age and with all the advancements that humankind has been able to achieve, racism, and discrimination of any kind, is still alive and well.  We know a lot and still we know nothing.  This is the sporting world, but what about all the daily acts of discrimination that goes unnoticed?  Perhaps I have been guilty of them also.  It is a good time for me to look around and see what I can do and also look inward at my own hidden prejudices.

I am not talking about crying and complaining about every little thing, as everything lately seems to be politically incorrect.  I am talking about being more human and putting ourselves in our brothers/sister’s shoes.

Here is to acting smart and triumphing with class and finesse!  Lets celebrate our differences instead of having them tore us apart.  We are all the same and each one of us uniquely special!