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Yesterday I was on I-95 on the way to see a friend that I have not seen in almost 3 years, when this guy in the car next to mine starts honking his horn and waving his hand.  For a second I thought he found me so extremely attractive and wanted my number, but no, no such luck, he was signaling that I had a flat tire.

I got off at the next exit and found a gas station.  I asked the attendant to help me use the air machine (yeah, anything in regards to cars scare me even the air pump machine) .  He tries and no air comes out.  He says that the air machine is off and can only be turned on from inside the garage and of course the garage is locked and he doesn’t have the key.

So I proceed to another gas station 5 blocks away.  I park near the air pump and get out of the car.  This station doesn’t have an attendant and this air pump takes coins, so I am fumbling with my bag searching for quarters while calling my friend for advice .

At this moment a guy in a mechanic’s overall had just parked his car and walks over to me looking at the flat tire.  He asks me if I need help changing the tire – more beautiful words were never spoken before!! I hung up on my friend and tell him that I have no idea what I am doing and that I need all the help I can get.

He tells me that he had just finished rescuing somebody and that is actually what he does for a living.  He changes the tire.  I ask him how much I can pay him.  He says it would be nice if you can give me 10 or 20 dollars.  I give him 30 dollars and he tries to return 10 dollars, but I am so grateful that to me he is worth much more, so I tell him to keep it.

He gives me his phone number so that if I am ever with car trouble I can always call him.

I feel so blessed, and this is just an example of it! I am truly blessed and this is another example.  Well, I believe that we are all blessed but I am happy that I am able to realize it and be grateful for it.

Everything is the way it should be.  There is no need to despair when you know that God is always on your side.

There was a reason why the first air pump didn’t work, otherwise I would have just put air and went on my way and would get flat again.  By going to the second station I got the tire changed and was quickly and safely on the road again.

There are angels everywhere, this one was clear, but there are many instances throughout the day where we are assisted by angels and we don’t even realize!