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Dia dos Namorados is a sort of Valentine’s Day in Brazil. Lover’s Day, literally translated as Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Day. It is celebrated by all couples married or otherwise.

Even after living in the US for so long I still like to celebrate it. If I am in a relationship it is an extra excuse for an extra nice date (not that excuses should be necessary)

If I am not in a relationship then that it just another occasion to be reminded that I am partner-less in a world that seems geared to couples.

Please wait, continue reading, this is not going to be a pity party, poor me blog!

After such a dark painful day yesterday, today seems bright and full of possibilities!(I am in love with that word after reading Frank’s post called “Opportunities Abound!”- a small post in length, but huge in meaning! http://frankoshanko.wordpress.com/ )

Remember my First and Only e-Harmony date?  Remember how I said he couldn’t be more of a gentleman?  Well, well, he really impressed me now.

I am sitting at my desk when in walks the UPS delivery guy with a box from 1-800-Flowers.  I am so used to not getting flowers, that I would not sign until I checked the name on the package.  I thought it was for the office next door.  I was shocked to read my name.

Did I think it was from Ex? for a brief milisecond. But it could never be him. He never sent  me flowers at work and he doesn’t think that he did anything wrong that perhaps would warrant flowers. He also wouldn’t remember the date. (Plus, remember that on February 14 he made a point of telling me that he was not going to even give me a card because he didn’t want to send me the wrong message)

Did I think it was the e-Harmony date?  no, not in a million years no. After all, he doesn’t have my address. Well, apparently he paid attention to every single word I said during the date and also asked the right questions that enabled him to piece together my address (I guess a google search may have helped too)

He sent me a dozen beautiful roses (red, pink, yellow and white) in a beautiful pink vase with a note that said: Feliz Dia dos Namorados!

It made my day! It is nice to feel special and thought of in such a nice way! It is great to be surprised and to realize that there is at least one person out there that is thinking of me.

But of course, I cannot just enjoy the flowers and relish the moment. Now I worry if his flowers are just a friendly gesture or if there is a little more meaning to it.

I do not want to break anybody’s heart! I know the pain! but I also made clear after the date that I would love to be just friends.

Should I bring up the subject and clarify it again? I also don’t want to offend him. Or should I just say thank you?