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You annoy me sometimes

When I was 17 and you read my diary
I threw it out and it would be years until I wrote again

and every time that you don’t suggest
but tells me what to do
I shrink and feel like I am 5

You have annoyed me many times
and for many reasons

Still I must remember
that everything is done out of love
and from not knowing any better

You are the one I still want to impress
You are the one I want to talk to when I am not well
even though I will say everything is fine not to worry you
and everything is indeed better the moment I hear your voice

Your love is immense
Your compassion infinite
Your energy boundless
your talent unparalleled

You brave, corageous soul
You determined, righteous individual

You are in my corner
and inside my heart

Your suffering is my suffering
Your happines my happiness

‘I love you’ should just flow out of my mouth
and yet it doesn’t

So easy to say thank you
but how often do I say it?

You mean the world to me
and my world is you

and the most annoying thing about you
and the best thing about me


I became you!