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This morning I opened my fridge to find that I have probably over $100.00 worth of vegetables that were on the verge of going bad. Yes, I have been opening my fridge the whole week but for some reason it didn’t register it until this morning. .

Last weekend I went to the supermarket and in a second of momentary insanity I started loading the cart like I had to feed a family of 5.

So this morning I had no choice but to cook as much as I could. There is no way I am going to let anything go to waste, let alone food.

So I cooked the following:

Cabbage- sauted with onions and peppers.

Brussels sprouts – steamed them, later will saute with garlic.

Asparagus – sames as above.

Broccoli – steamed – will have some with pasta and sun dried tomatoes.

Corn – will cut and have it with salads.

Spinach – washed and got it ready.  I will have some in salads and omelets

Arugula – Same as with spinach.  I will have it in salads in omelets.

This entire week I will be taking lunch for me and assistant.

The problem with overbuying perishables is that, not only some always end up being wasted, but you are stuck knowing what you will be eating the whole week.  For some people that is fine, but for me I like to have a couple of days unplanned, to go out or to eat whatever I am in the mood for.

But, with that being said, I definitely need to learn to go shopping with a list and not stray from it.  When I was part of a couple it wasn’t too bad. We managed to eat all the food I bought (2 people taking lunch to work every day), but single me needs to make a list and follow it.

Do you plan ahead your menu for the whole week?  Do you follow it?