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This is a documentary done in 2003 featuring the Writing Group of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Bedford Hills, NY.

Eve Ensler had conducted a 4 year writing program with the women of the facility by the time this documentary was done. Eve Ensler, you may recall,  she is known for writing The Vagina Monologues (which I never saw, but I think I will track it down and see it)

the documentary showed the women participating in a series of exercises and discussions about the crimes they committed, their guilt and the reality of living behind bars.

It ended with several actresses including Glenn Close and Marisa Tomei among others, performing the women’s writing for the inmates in prison.

I highly recommend it to every woman, actually, to everyone.

It  was very powerful.  It hit me very hard.  I cried at varies points while watching it.  I realized how much I have in common with women sitting in prison.  Not only I, but we all have a lot in common, but for some reason we make the right decision at the right moment.

One thing most of them had in common was they didn’t think they had any other choices. And that is where I differ from those women.  I know I have choices and I plan on taking full advantage of them.

But the truly sad part is to realize that there are a lot more people that are imprisoned but invisible walls that they put up.  Anyway, that is a topic for another post.

Gotta go to sleep now.