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As I am walking on the train platform waiting for my train to come to work in NY, this man approaches me, hands me a card and says:

I am running for Congress.

That is fine, until he added: beautiful lady!  Well I love a compliment but this didn’t feel like one.

The way he said it and looked at me it just made me feel uneasy.

Now I am not a prude and I enjoy harmless flirting, but this rubbed me so wrong.

I can’t imagine this man in Congress.

He is either a creep trying to get women or perhaps just dumb, at either case he should not be in Congress.

I do expect a lot from out politicians and people in power.  I expect they set an example.  I cannot believe that everyone already forgot about Clinton and how he is welcomed and cherished.  Does anyone remember what he did? And I am sure we don’t know the full extent of it. 

ok, ok, he is only human, some may say. I do agree people are allowed to make mistakes, but it seems that we just forgiving him for being a man, a man in power.  I guess it has come to be expected that is what they do.

What about John Edwards? Did his wife deserve that? She deserve honesty, as any person in a relationship.  If he is willing to betray the person that is standing by him, carrying his children, doing everything for me, what is he willing to do to the American people?

Am I perfect? no, but one thing I try to do is deal in honesty.  It just so much easier!