Every now and then there are people standing outside Grand Central Station (NY) handing out free samples of things such as headache medication, juices, etc.

I, like most people, just take it and later I will decide it if I want it or need it. What if I pass it up and it turns out it is something great.

R, one of my co-workers once mentioned he never takes anything that is being hand out.  He said: “if terrorists really wanted to get to us all they needed to do was stand outside Grand Central and hand out poison and we would willingly take it”.

He has a point, but still it hasn’t stopped me from grabbing whatever they give out.

This morning it was Emmi Swiss yogurt and Ricola cherry cough drops. I have been into Greek yogurt lately so I am not sure Swiss yogurt is for me, specially since the flavor they gave me was Green Apple.  If I ever try it I will let you know.

What about you?  Are you excited to get free stuff?