Today I completed and mailed out the application to volunteer at the local hospital.  It feels great to be progressing on my desire to volunteer. The Volunteer Coordinator said this process may take from 2 to 6 weeks.

Once they have my application, they will review it and call me in for an interview to see if and where I fit.  She made it seem that volunteers are always wanted, so I am hopeful that soon I will be working there.

I thought that once I decided to volunteer it would be an easier process and I would be welcome with open arms, but that is not the case. The Friends of the Library coordinator hasn’t returned my call. And the United States Tennis Association website says that they are not accepting volunteers at this time.

I am trying to think of different organizations I could volunteer at. So I am hoping that if the hospital doesn’t work out I will have something else lined up.

The idea of volunteering started with my need to keep myself as busy as I can, so that I have no time to think about ex. At the same time I always believed in doing good and helping people as much as one can, I now wonder why it took me so long to get the wheels in motion.


By chance I have moved right across my dance studio,so tonight I went to visit the girls from my old class. I am tempted to go back to the dance class, and to the recital every June. I love dance, I am right across the street and it will keep me busy and active.  At the same time I really don’t have the talent, and I haven’t danced in 2 years. Need to think about it…


I miss the ex and the ex’s dog so much!!!