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Friday evening  I went on a date with a 52 year old IT engineer.  He suggested we meet at Playland, an amusement park in Rye, NY.  I loved the idea of having a different date, other than dinner and drinks.

We met in the parking lot. There was no hug or kiss hello, but it was not awkward either.  The moment we met we just started talking and didn’t stop.

We chose not to go on any rides in the park.  I have been taking motion sickness pills and allergy pills due to vertigo and also sinusitis, so I didn’t want to chance it.  He had been talking a lot about the Dragon Coaster, so I offered to ride it with him anyway, but he declined.

We walked around, talking about the last time we each had been there.  It had been a couple of years for me, but for him was over 10 years. The parks sits in a beautiful area by the water. So it was a beautiful walk in and out of the park.

We talked about a lot different things. We talked about work since he works in a similar industry. We also talked about his dog, travels, etc.

We played water gun games. I won the little pig in the picture below.  I also had Dippin Dots ice cream. Total win!

I discovered that evenings in September are the best time to go to Playland.  The park was almost empty.

We arrived at the park at 6pm.  At 8pm we got into our respective cars and went to downtown Rye to look for a place to have dinner.  We ended up at Meso, a mediterranean restaurant.

We shared skewers of shrimp, chicken and beef for appetizers.  Then he had the salmon, and I had the black sea bass.   To drink I had a cocktail made with vodka, hibiscus, st. germain; and he had a beer. Everything was delicious!

He is funny and a bit of a nerd, smart about a multitude of subjects.  I find humor and intelligence very attractive. 

I am not sure about chemistry, but it is worth a second date. And that will happen tomorrow night.  His dog is coming on the date also, but will be staying in the car.  Apparently his dog loves being in the car, and his car has something called dog mode.

He is paying attention.  He chose a restaurant that I mentioned that I like but haven;t been to in years.  See you back here tomorrow to report after the second date 🙂