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Several months ago my assistant came to work with 4 tiny little plants she got at CVS.  She gave me 2, which I kept at the office, and she took 2 to her house. 

Fast forward to now that she is back in the office after being away since the end of May.  She was admiring the plants, and asked if I had gotten new ones or if the one above was one of the ones she had given me.  

I was surprised with the question and said that those were the same plants.  She mentioned that hers hadn’t changed much.   

“You inherit your environment just as much as your genes.”
― Johnny Rich, The Human Script

The next day she bought me hers.  One of them is below:

It is crazy when you see them side by side.  To me it is clear to see what happened.  She never removed hers from the tiny little container they came in.  She didn’t give them enough room to grow. 

I think it is the same with us humans.  If we are not given the space to grow, we dwarf and just exist, instead of living and thriving.

She mentioned that she tried to keep hers by the window, but for a variety of reasons they often stayed on the floor.  Mine are always near the window, with the most spectacular sunlight bathing them. 

And let’s not forget that I talk to my plants.  I say good morning, I stop by throughout the day to admire and compliment them. 

And so are we, products of our environment.  We need nurture, light and praise.  We need care to flourish.

If we are somewhere that we are not getting enough space to grow; if we are not being complimented; if we are not receiving light, then we must change locations.

It is my, and nobody else’s, job to give me the things I need to flourish.  If I am waiting on others to give me space, light and care, then I am wasting time.  

What the younger generation didn’t understand was that the grass was greenest where it’s watered..” ― Nicholas Sparks, The Best of Me

Go on, and thrive.  Seek light, space and care, and be your own source of it.  Go towards the light of what makes you happy.  Take whatever space you need, don’t wait to be given or offered, just take it.  The care you need is not found in others or from others, start caring and nurturing yourself.


Never forget those around you that could use a little of your light and care.  It is only giving that we receive.

I replanted that little plant, and it is now sitting by the window with the others.  In 1 month I will come up and post pictures of it.

“we must bring
our own light
to the
― Charles Bukowski