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“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” ― Roy T. Bennett

I present you my latest creation.  Yes, another table. Again, believe me when I tell you that it looks much better in person.  The colors are vibrant, the the gold and silver very shiny!  

I may paint the table red or black to make the tiles pop, but I can’t decide on which color, so for now it is just brown.

I have started another project.  It is not a table…yippie, I am not a one-trick pony. It is a gift for my mother, and I am so love with it. Stay tuned for that one.

“In the beginning, God created the earth, and he looked upon it in His cosmic loneliness.

And God said, “Let Us make living creatures out of mud, so the mud can see what We have done.” And God created every living creature that now moveth, and one was man. Mud as man alone could speak. God leaned close to mud as man sat up, looked around, and spoke. Man blinked. “What is the purpose of all this?” he asked politely.

“Everything must have a purpose?” asked God.

“Certainly,” said man.

“Then I leave it to you to think of one for all this,” said God.

And He went away.”
― Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Craddle