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“[Saint Anthony] said, in his solitude, he sometimes encountered devils who looked like angels, and other times he found angels who looked like devils. When asked how he could tell the difference, the saint said that you can only tell which is which by the way you feel after the creature has left your company.”― Elizabeth Gilbert

My busyness continues.  On Monday I went to Manhattan to meet up with the movers to move some stuff to the new office.  While waiting outside there was a homeless man sitting on some boxes near the door.  He asked me to call an ambulance. 

I hesitated. He didn’t seem ill, but said that he had heart issues. I decided to err on the side of caution.  I called 911, answered a few questions and gave our address.  

While waiting, the man (I wished I had asked his name) said to me: “When I become a millionaire I will come back and make you rich”.  I said:  “I am already rich”. Before I could add anything else, he asked: “spiritually rich?”  I said: ” Yes, I am blessed beyond belief”!

When the ambulance arrived I met the first EMT and explained the situation. He said to me: “I got it”. He asked the man a few questions then ushered him to the ambulance.  As the man was turning to grab a bag with his belongings he told the man to leave it, that he would get it. 

I watched in awe as this EMT did his job with kindness and respect.  I was so impressed by this EMT’s demeanor.  I was humbled by the way he treated this homeless man.  My faith in humankind felt restored by that moment.

After that I got busy moving stuff.  I got home physically exhausted.  I often fool myself saying I am not getting involved and will just watch it.  I always end up doing more than everyone else.


I went to sleep at 10 pm. I woke up at one point and looked at my phone to see the time. It said: 4:44.  Even half asleep, the symbolism of the 3 matching numbers wasn’t lost on me.  It made me feel happy and blessed.  I remember making a mental note to look up the meaning in the morning, but I instinctively I already knew it was a good message.

In the morning I looked it up and confirmed it was indeed a good omen.  It means hard work and determination.  It means I am surrounded by my guardian angels and that I am in the right path.  I had mentioned here before how stressed I am lately with some financial issues I am dealing with and also in dealing with this office move.  It is comforting to receive a sign of support.

I believe in signs.  I believe in miracles.  I believe in my guardian angels.  I talk to them and thank them all the time. Seeing this sign gives me strength. It strengthens my already strong faith.

Talk to your angels! They are listening and ready to help.  All you have to do is ask.