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Some of you may wonder what happens in a small office when there is a big blow up as the one I had the other day with that co-worker.  Or specifically what is happening in my office right now.

In this industry yelling and screaming among the brokers are normal and par for the course.  Sometimes their arguments get so heated I fear one is going to hit the other. By the end of the day or by the next day they are speaking as if they are best friends.

Similar to them when I have any issues with any of the guys normally we are back to normal in a few days.  The normal for this guy and I is tricky.  He is a complainer and I don’t deal well with people that only complain and never has a positive thing to say about anything. He is not happy that I don’t allow him to brush his teeth in the kitchen sink and that he has to wash his own plate after lunch, among other things.

Our normal is just being cordial to each other. He is like one of those dogs that look inoffensive and cute. You let your guard down, you get close, you pet it and then it bites your hand off.

Time and time again I get bitten. Yet I never learn. Professionally and personally I don’t hold any grudges.

The ball is his court. But it seems that he will take longer to get over being called out for his behavior.

Yesterday when he needed something from me he asked one of the other partners to come and ask me. Later when he needed additional information he sent me messages via chat.

Today I walked in and there was a note on my desk (pictured at the top).  I blocked the client’s name on it.  It is childish of him to avoid speaking to me, but it is so expected. It would have been classier and more gentlemanly  if that was a note of apology but I don’t believe he ever said “I am sorry” in all his life.  I am sure that writing “pls” almost killed him.

I want to know what he is going to do next time he needs something personal notarized or scanned.  Well, I know what will happen, he will come and ask.  And I will do it because I don’t know how to say no. If I can help, I help, no matter what.

I don’t get the boss involved.  He has asked me to let him know if he needs to get him involved, but I rather fight my own battles.  Plus he goes a bit overboard so I like to avoid that.  I was glad he was not in the office when it happened.

“Give, but give until it hurts.” ― Mother Teresa