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It feels so good when people care enough to say “I am sorry”!

So, I walk in late today…well, I don’t have a schedule, but waltzing in at almost 10am I consider being late.  Anyway, I walked into my office and my boss walked in right behind me and said: “I am sorry about yesterday.  I have been thinking about it the whole night and had to say I am sorry again.  I have had so much in my mind lately and I was hungry”

To which I replied: “I understand being hungry!  And I laughed and said thank you for apologizing, but I never gave a second thought about it. I don’t let you affect me anymore.” (Please see here for a little blurb about our relationship: https://blessedwithastarontheforehead.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/stopping-the-insanity/

I should have just said thank you and that is it! But the point is I truly had to think about it to remember what he was talking about.

So this is what happened: Yesterday I was talking to a new employee when he just walked in and interrupted by saying something to the employee.  I said: We are talking, and I think he said: I don’t care!  I am pretty sure I just rolled my eyes, my response to him lately.  After 5 minutes he came back and said I am sorry and explained that he was in a hurry and wanted to make sure that the new guy was informed about the computers.

The weird thing is I didn’t find what he said or how he said it extra rude or anything; it was just my boss being his usual self.   After working together for almost 20 years he is like my obnoxious older brother, even though he is 2 years younger than me.

I thought it was big on his part to feel he had to say sorry again- it secretly made my day!   Since when have I developed a thick skin and he has gone soft?


It feels so good when people listen to your suggestions!

I had a good idea! Nothing earth shattering or life changing, but I had the bright idea of having a big garbage bin outside our back door so that the cleaning person can put the garbage in at the end of the day, and it can stay there covered until it gets picked up by the building.

We have been having a mice problem the past several months.  https://blessedwithastarontheforehead.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/i-choose-mice/

They started to appear when the super was replaced and the new super doesn’t promptly remove the garbage at night.  I have been very vocal about that fact to the super, to the building, to the exterminator, to pretty much anyone that will listen.

The building gave me their okay to put the garbage bin by the back door, but when l tried ordering one from Home Depot, I was informed that that is an item that they don’t deliver.  So instead I have to call a hardware store, which, for some reason I kept postponing.  Internet has spoiled me, why talk to a human being on the phone when just a few clicks on the keyboard are so much easier and faster?

Today, all of a sudden garbage bins are being delivered to every floor of the building.  I believe I did a happy dance! I am taking credit for thinking of that!


One of the things I like about myself is the fact that little things make me very happy, little gestures, simple words, a smile.

The opposite was true too, little things used to destroy my day, but now, the ‘always improving’ me, considers anything that threatens to mess up my mood a reflection on the person doing the action or something not worth a second of my thought.  Bad moments get easily forgotten.

So here is my final thought to you:  Look for the little things around you that make you happy, and if you can’t find any, which I highly doubted, create some. Sit up straight and smile.  There are blessings all around if you take the moment to notice.

Make somebody else happy today!  I have to say pleasing someone else makes me infinitely happier than pleasing myself.

I wish you a thoughtful boss, a mice free workplace, smiles and happy dances!