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Congratulations are in order – my blog is 1 year old!!!!

So it is about time that it stops crawling and babbling and it starts walking and talking! But instead of progressing my blog seems to be regressing.  Ever the positive one, I see it as a good sign, a sign that I don’t need this security blanket anymore, I no longer need to write or I will explode.

Now I just want to write for the pure simple pleasure of writing!

My blog has identity crisis.  It doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up, actually my blog doesn’t want to grow up.  I think it is afraid of growing up.  It doesn’t want to take a stand, it just wants to be.

I have been absent – it is a fact! Things happened –  unplanned and some planned, and a bit of just pure laziness have kept me from posting.

I will not go through all that has been happening, as it would turn into a real long and boring post, instead I will just say that there has been:

Apartment flood issues (yes again, but this time at my rental.  My tenant was in a hotel for over 1 month, dare I say things are back to normal now?)

Refinance issues (the bank want what? the shoe size of my neighbor when I was 5 years old?  oh that seems reasonable! lol will it ever be finished?)

Regulatory issues at work – endless audits and questions. Not knowing if we will ever be compliant enough to be in business is very stressful, April 1 deadline looming closer and closer.

Personal issues -why can’t my mind and my body agree to be nice to each other? it is such an eternal battle.

Medical issues -Zumba and yoga put on hold, until doctors figure out why the right side of my body decided to revolt! x-rays and more x-rays here I come.

Ex issues – well this is not new, after all he is the reason this blog was born. But it never fails,  whenever I am starting to forget him he contacts me to ask me out.  Now the excuse is him wanting to take me out to celebrate my birthday at the end of the month. My reply: No thank you!

Vacation!!!! Thank God for time off and the chance to recover, renew and renovate.

I have navigated and I am still navigating all of those issues beautifully.

The following has helped me navigate these troubled waters:

Stopping and breathing!

Not saying everything that comes to mind when it comes to mind! (tough, tough, tough, such an exercise in restraint!)

Don’t say yes, when you really want to say no!

Knowing that nothing is worth a stress induced ulcer!

At the end of the day I know I am loved and blessed, constant self reminders are key not to lose focus!

What doesn’t kill me it will indeed make me stronger!

People have issues and whatever their reactions are it is not about me!

In vacation and in life, don’t sweat the small stuff!

Here are a few pictures of Snowmass, CO!  Awesome skiing!! Even after being sidelined a day with altitude sickness, I loved it!

DSCN0036 DSCN0015

I have attempted to describe the beauty of it to friends, but it is impossible! You have to be there and see it with your own eyes.  Just majestic!!


ps. Chief – Happy 8th birthday! You are the best dog in the world and I love you!! I may never see you again but you are always in my heart and prayers!  May St. Francis of Assisi guard and protect you always!

Chief's new toy