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Well, well, well,  the day that I thought would never come it is finally here!!  The day that I can start eating chocolate again!!  Truth is, today is a bit anticlimactic. I didn’t wake up thinking or even wanting chocolate.

Now that the day is here it feels I could go another year without – but I will not! 🙂

As I mentioned many times before I was searching for something specially scrumptious to eat today.  I didn’t really spend much time in that search, but I am happy to say that AL came through with flying colors and asked me on a date tonight to one of my favorite local restaurants. This restaurant has a famous chocolate cake that I am dying to try. I will take a picture and report on it tomorrow.

The feeling of being able to go one year without something that I love and had everyday make me feel very proud, powerful and somewhat invincible.

I am taking advantage of this feeling to come up with some news goals and put some plans in motion. Stay tuned for my new challenges!

Just watched the movie Rudy, and of course I cried! That kid had so much heart – it is such an inspiration!!