I wanted to reblog this for so many reasons. Each time I read another light goes on. Frank is the male version of me. He believes in God and prayer and is seeking to make his life and of those around him better. He wants love in his life but will not settle for cheap imitations.
Where we differ is that I am still too stubborn and set on my ways to seek outside help to deal with problems. But who knows, I keep an open mind…
This post clearly shows the benefits of professional help in his life. He has been in recovery for over 13 years… and excelling beautifully!
I hope by reblogging this perhaps it will reach someone that at this moment in time needs that extra push to seek help. Often God sends us angels (in many different forms) to help us when the load is too heavy, but sometimes, instead, he wants us to seek our own angels!
Bravo Frank!!