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B and I have already met for dinner several times. Most times we ate in restaurants and a few times at his house.

On Friday we went to Chat Grill in Scarsdale. He loves going there and loves sitting at the bar.  I rather sit at a table, but I am learning that the bar is okay also.  At most other restaurants we sit at a table anyway. I believe this is called compromise 🙂

He offered to make me pizza the next day, and I said yes.  I got to his house at 4pm on Saturday. He was in the kitchen, stretching the dough.  I offered to help and he had me cut the pepperoni. 

He was so careful to try to do everything exactly how I like.  He was going to add more cheese but I can’t have too much cheese, so he cut back on that.  He makes his own red sauce, which is delicious. 

The pizza was ready in no time and it was delicious.  We had it with a spinach salad, and wine to drink.  Before the pizza I had an appetizer of meatballs.  He makes his own meatballs also, and it was equally delicious.

During dinner we spent some time having Alexa plays us some of our favorite songs. We don’t like most of the same music, but it has been fun finding that we have some favorite ones in common.

“When music speaks, everybody understands” ― Paolo Petrocelli

After dinner we cleaned up and then settled in the TV room to watch a movie.  I had started watching a French movie that seemed interesting so we restarted watching it together.  The movie had so much potential, but in the end it was just a confusing mess.  It is  called In the Shadow of Iris.

While watching the movie we had popcorn and wine.  He is a big wine drinker.  That is where he likes to use his sugar calories.  I like wine also, but given a choice I would rather have sugar from chocolate then wine. 

At this moment we are both not dating other people.  There was not a big discussion or anything about that.  We are both in synch about our feelings and want to spend our energies on only one person.    

For the next 2 months we will not be able to see each other much.  I will be going to Brazil this Friday, then I return with my Mom in 2 weeks, then in May I go back to Brazil to take Mom back and will stay there until the end of May. 

It will be a test for the both of us.  Will the absence make the heart grow fonder or will it make us lose interest?  We shall see…

“The power of getting to know one another is so immense, eclipsed only by first getting to know ourselves.” ― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason