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“I’m not sure of anything,” she said. “Which is almost wonderful.”
― Peter Heller, Celine

Date: Tuesday, Dec 7, 21
Location: Scalini Restaurant, Bronxville, NY

He is 55 years old, divorced with no kids. Works in the Finance industry.

I arrived at 7:05 pm and he was sitting at the bar waiting for me.  He came and met me at the door and we hugged hello.

He had a gray sweater with a shirt underneath and, oh gosh, I realized that I don’t know what type of pants and shoes he had on.  That is one of my flaws.  I don’t pay attention.  I know how someone made me feel but I don’t know what they were wearing.  Another item for my list of things to work on.

The waiter showed us to our table. Everything went smoothly from the start, with no awkward moments. We were talking so much, and not looking at the menu.  The waiter had to keep returning to our table to see if we were ready to order.

He liked that I mentioned we should share the appetizer, as he likes to share food.  Awesome, as I do too!  

Appetizer was spicy meatballs with roasted peppers and it was delicious.  For the entrée, I had salmon with artichoke and leak quinoa.  The quinoa seemed to have been fried or sautéed and I loved it!  He had the bucatini and it was also very tasty.

For dessert we shared an Almond tiramisu.  It was good, but not as good as the original tiramisu.

“In these times I don’t, in a manner of speaking, know what I want; perhaps I don’t want what I know and want what I don’t know.” ― Marsilio Ficino, The Letters of Marsilio Ficino, Vol. 3

The conversation flowed. We talked about a lot different topics.  He played soccer, has been to Brazil, and speaks a little Portuguese.   He was attentive, smart, and a total gentleman.  

He didn’t laugh at everything I said, but I am not taking that as a bad sign.  I need to stop thinking that I need to entertain people and make them laugh.  He was perhaps a bit on the shy side.

At the end of the evening, he walked me to my car, and gave me a quick peck good bye.

When I got home, he texted to say that it was great meeting and that we should do it again.  I agreed.  We decided on Saturday (tomorrow).

I am not completely sure if we are a match or not, but we deserve a second date. 

 “When you are not sure what to do, take action. You will quickly find out.” ― Jeffrey Fry