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Progress Reporting:

Goal: To improve my tennis game

Yesterday I had my first private tennis lesson.  It was so great! I can’t believe how much I have learned in 30 minutes!

One of the things I found out is that I have been playing with a kid’s racket.  Well, at least I hope it is true and that  the instructor was not just trying to sell me a racket by telling me that I needed a new one.

Tonight I have the group lesson for 1 hour.  I am hoping it will be even better than last night.  I hope the rain holds off so I can actually have the lesson.

I am also hoping to make friends to play tennis with.  As with anything you try to learn in life, practice makes it perfect or at least much better.  Similar to many things in life,  tennis is one of those activities that you need a partner to be able to play. So that has been one of my challenges lately: finding partners.

I have also signed on a tennis site called http://tennisopolis.com/.  It is a Tennis Social Network site.  I have actually met and played with one person there, but our schedules haven’t worked out to play again – like I have said before, everyone is so busy nowadays.

It feels great to be working on my goals! And it feels even better to be moving in the right direction!

If you have a goal or something that you have always wanted to learn, do or start, the moment to do it is NOW.  Not tomorrow, not Monday, not next week, not when you find a friend to motivate you, etc, etc. The moment is Now!

So what goal are you going to start working on?