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On Friday night I met the 65 year attorney at the Elgin Restaurant for the third date.  I got there first and chose a table in the back, where was quiet and less drafty… as I thought to myself: omg, I must really be getting old, trying to be away from noise and cold air!

I had a drink called Lafayette 45. It was made with Empress Gin, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup & Prosecco.  He doesn’t normally drink, he had a diet coke.  For appetizers we had fried cauliflower and also a Mediterranean platter with a trio of dips.  For entrée I chose sirloin sliders.  He had a salad with tons of stuff in it.  We chose not to have dessert.  I have been having too much sugar lately.

After dinner we headed to the Walter Karr Theatre to see Hadestown.  I knew we were going to the theater but I didn’t know which show.  I was happy it was a show I hadn’t seen it before. The theater was a small space, there was really no bad seat.  Our seats were in the middle orchestra, about 10 rows from the front.  It was close enough for me. 

Hadestown is a musical loosely based on Greek Mythology story of the love affair between Orpheus and Eurydice.  Overall, I enjoyed the show specially because I went in with no expectations.  Since I didn’t know what we would be seeing I didn’t do any research or read anything about the show.  

I really enjoyed it, but I found that the set/scenery could have been better. I have come to expect to be wowed any time I go to see anything on Broadway, specially musicals.  Here, there was not much of it. I kept waiting for the set to change it, but it really never did.  There was one setting change, but it was not really different from the original. I felt it could have been more creative.

I also had a problem with some songs.  While I loved most of them, I felt that some of them were there to just fill space.   At those times my mind would drift off, waiting for something to grab my attention again. At those times I wished the show was shorter.

While I really enjoyed the show I do wish the setting was more creative and some songs were removed.  But looking back, I feel like that about a lot shows.  I guess some song fillers are necessary.  However the singers and dancers were all amazing.  Some of the best voices I have heard.  For that alone I would go back.

As far as my date, he continues to be such a gentleman, so thoughtful and kind. He would not let me take the train or an Uber after the show.  He drove me 40 minutes out of his way to take me home.  Again, when he dropped me off, I reached over, hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek when I said good bye.

The chemistry is still not there, and I doubt it will ever be there. I don’t think we will be going on any more dates.  Unless he is okay with friendship only.