March 1, 2012

I always wanted to write a book, but I never get started it. Ideas come to me throughout the day and I think they would be great for my book, and still I don’t do it.

And then I realized that if I were to wait for motivation I may never start.

So, blogging seemed like the ideal first step. Nothing more fitting than to start on the first day of my birthday month!!

At the end of this month I will be turning 46. That number is causing me all sorts of reactions., from being numb to having my heart race. I know it is only a number, we 2 numbers to be precise. But it is what the number represents, or more accurately what the number should represent.

46 should represent a life well lived. Should represent a marriage and family!!! Haha! That is the point: I am going to be 46 and single!!! I may as well be dead!! Sorry, did I just say that? I don’t really think that, no most of the time. But I must confess that every now and then I think to myself: where did my life go?

A life well lived? I think so! And who cares if I am

Truth is: my life is right here, right now! My life is being shaped as I write!

Something else you should know is that I am just (well, it has been 5 months, but still painfully fresh) coming out of a 3 year relationship that I thought it would be forever. I met someone and immediately we met each other’s family and moved in together. I left my apartment and moved into his home. In my heart I knew it was forever.

Now I think: was my heart mistaken? And how can I trust my heart again? I feel like a farce now. I am the one that shouted for anyone to hear that one must lead life with the heart, and that if you follow your heart, then you cannot ever be lead wrong! Oh well, there goes that!

But moving on, this blog is supposed to be hopeful and positive in the face of adversity. It is supposed to be about living and rebuilding life after we are knocked down by some of life’s curve balls.

This blog will be about my triumphs and my failures. It will be to celebrate life and life’s little surprises. It will be about anything and everything!

This blog is for me, but also for you, so that we can laugh together, so that we can help each other!

This blog is about my growth as a person and hopefully we can grow together.

This blog is me with a star on the forehead!

I welcome advice, constructive criticism and anything good you send my way!