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As some of you may know because of this post  https://blessedwithastarontheforehead.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/bye-bye-chocolate-see-you-soon/—— I gave up chocolate for 1 year.

As the 1 year mark (November 4th) approaches, I am filled with dread and anticipation.  Well, it is mostly anticipation of all the chocolaty wonders I can reconnect with.

I have to be honest that I take turns being excited, anxious and nervous.  What am I going to do? Will I be able to eat chocolate moderately or will I turn back into the chocoholic that I was before?  I am frankly scared.

I often hear of people giving up smoking and drinking for a long period of time and then start back again.   I always think to myself: How stupid!  If you went that long without it then you clearly don’t need it! Why re-start an addiction?  And now I am contemplating doing exactly that!

Putting all the fears and reasons not to eat chocolate ever again aside, I am now in the counting the days and planning stage.  What will be my chocolate of choice to indulge in on November 4th?

I am thinking that it will be some kind of chocolate cake, homemade or bakery bought.

So please help me find the best, most indulgent and decadent mouth watering chocolate cake ever!  I am looking for either the recipe so I can make it or for the location where I can buy it!

Life is too short and it is totally unrealistic to think I will give up chocolate forever!!

30 days to go …

(as you all can my life is good, my main preoccupation is chocolate – lol)